I'm Walt. And I'm Marie Elena.
This is the collaboration of two kindred spirits; partners in rhyme;
"the best friends we've never met."
All "Across the Lake. Eerily."

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sisters in the truest sense of the word.
Seven years removed, but time
has a way of balancing things.
Andrea two inches taller
than her older sister is more wise,
But, it comes as no surprise
how the chasm in time has found a way
to heal itself. Equals in every way,
sharing in a vague sense of the word, but
never at a loss for a friend.
Of a single mind and purpose,
working out of the same closet,
and offering the support for
lives that have so far given
all they could have wanted.
A safe home, a loving father,
a caring mother, and each other.
Teacher and learner, in no
particular order. Daddy's "Little" girls.
In the garden of my life, my American Beauty Roses, 
Melissa and Andrea.


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