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Monday, May 31, 2010


Bless those who gave their
For our todays.

Penned by friend and neighbor Gregory Gebolys, who gave eight years of his time, energy, and heart for the construction and dedication of the Veteran's Freedom Memorial in Lima, Ohio (shown in photo).  Thank you, Greg, for this labor of love, and also for your U.S. Army service. 

With gratitude, love, and respect to the men in my family who have served:
Grandpa (U.S. Navy)
Dad (U.S. Navy)
Son (U.S. Navy)
Uncles (U.S. Navy and U.S. Army)

Thanks also to Keith's Dad, who served during wartime in Vietnam by building a lepresarium.  He no less risked his life in service to our country than those in our armed forces.

Marie Elena

Photo by Keith R. Good


  1. Wow and WOW! Wonderful tribute all around. Thanks for that.

    Brother (US Navy - Peacetime)
    Father (US Navy - End WWII)
    Uncles (3) - (US Army - WWII)
    Uncle (US Army - Korean Conflict)
    Uncle (US Navy - Vietnam)
    Father-in-Law - (US Air Force - Peacetime)

    Only Brother and Father-in-Law remain.

    God Bless Them and America.

  2. A wow from Walt? WoWEEE! ;) Impressive service line, PArtner.

    God bless them and America, for sure.