I'm Walt. And I'm Marie Elena.
This is the collaboration of two kindred spirits; partners in rhyme;
"the best friends we've never met."
All "Across the Lake. Eerily."

Friday, March 26, 2010


Skinned knees and elbows,
and a face sliding along a graveled
street, bounding up the curb
and rattling a few molars to the core.
Cuts and burns and bloody noses,
all treated here; without insurance cards,
or appointments. Emergency room
always open, with Tender Loving Care
and a bottle of Mercurochrome.
A gentle hand pulling pieces of stone
from the face her “handsome” boy,
wincing with me and holding back her own tears.
Always at no charge and with the healing powers
of a tender kiss on the repaired injury,
in time to get dinner on the table
when her work had finished.
Doctor Mom was always in.



  1. And don't forget the little treat almost hidden from open view to staunch hiccups and tears and everyday fears once the treatment was over.

    Enjoyed this one so much.

  2. Oops, gotta run. Am late already. I'd be back soon to read so much more.

    You guys are doing so much and doing it so well. I'm so glad you decided to do this. You're doing such good work. And when are you putting the book together for publication? Hmmm?